Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Blues

Today was a long day and I just kept telling myself Friday will be here soon! We are heading to Disney for spring break and can't wait to take youngest to see all the sites.

In my quest to get everything done, organized, and clean before we leave I have been in DIY overload. One of my most recent fun DIY projects came out of my need to turn a broken item into something useful. I had purchased 2 hanging wall candle holders from Kohl's several weeks ago. In one I added some shells found on vacation last year in Maine with a candle. The other must have gotten a crack in the top glass and the whole top handle came off in my hands. I never got around to taking it back to the store and I decided to do something with it. 

 The the way it's suppose to be used!

The top that came off the other one. I have a use for this part in another DIY project...stay tuned!

I have been inspired by all the terrariums on Pinterest and in stores and wanted to try doing one myself so I decided to use the broken candle holder. On one of my walks around the neighborhood I picked up a large piece of River Birch bark laying in the park and thought "I can use this for something".

The large piece of bark that gave me the idea. I found more in my back yard from my River Birch tree. 


When I was in Home Depot I saw they had their succulents buy 5 get one free and bought one of each type. Using the bottom part of the candle holder I filled it with dirt and added the plants.


I wanted to cover the bottom part of the glass with the bark to hide some of the dirt and used a hot glue gun to adhere the bark.

All finished! I loved the way it turned out. I placed this on the table in my front entry way. I am making more with bark I found at my friend Laurie's house and some $2.00 vases I found at Habitat. Anybody want one?

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